This is the story of assault. Late spring began with a spider web here and there across window panes and plant stakes with fenomenal webs which, when removed on one day, appeared in greater quantity the next day. As Spring rolled linto late autumn the web-war went on and on. Spraydom had no power over the persistence. Grin and bear it, I muttered to myself. There was however another creature enamoured of the oak, who had an army encamped just a field away near the creek. They had the gut-feeling that Old Man Winter was going to make survival difficult. The oak tree was going to provide plenty for their survival storaage. The story, however had a cruel thrust. They chose the oak near the garden for part of their winter survival. To have convenient place for stashing their provision, they chose the containers of the flower and vegetable plants in the garden with devastating consequences and their harvesting acorns spread cut small branches all over the place. They had already knew that I had a loving understanding of their onslaughts on the bird feeders as exemplified by the feeders as proof below. They had, I understood a right to be fed by nature as was their wont. Here's an example of their total occupancy of the feeder

This has a pleasant spot in my mind-mem. Not shown here, however,is the result of their stashing away their\ acorns in my tomato and flour containers. Farmer plowers would be envious of them.
At any rate, I have responded to their declaration of war-survival and gently passed the EVICTION TO THE FOREST CAMPAIGN. I have provided caged transportation by driving perpetraters to forests near lake erie (1/2 hours drive away from Athol Springs.

I list the number of my campaign evictions: